Family Activities

Family Activities

Child Care & Nursing Rooms

Childcare and Nursing Rooms will be available at CHI 2022. A Pumping Pod will be available to those who are nursing.

Child-care Support

Are you attending CHI with one or more children under 5 who are not vaccinated, or an unvaccinated child between 5-12? Given the current policy requiring all attendees, even children, to be fully vaccinated to enter the conference site, are you worried about the cost of using external child-care services?

CHI 2022 will provide funds for a limited number of grants that support childcare for members that would like to participate in CHI 2022 but would be unable to under these constraints.

CHI 2022 will provide financial assistance to subsidize a variety of child-care options for children between the ages of 2 months and 4 years, including:

  • Off-site childcare near to the conference venue, arranged by the parent, including placing kids in a shared care facility or paying for babysitting expenses.
  • Travel costs for a companion who provides childcare/ Reimbursement is specifically for non-shared transportation costs such as airfare.

The maximum total support provided for this purpose is $1000 for any one request. For more information about this program or to apply for support, please send e-mail to

Your email should include:

  1. A statement that you are attending CHI, attesting that the costs you are requesting reimbursement for arise from the need to travel to participate in the conference.
  2. A budget that includes details on the specifics of the kind of support requested.
  3. A brief description of how you are participating in the conference or workshop. Examples might include presenting a paper, participating in the program or organizing committee, etc.

If multiple parents are attending the same event, please indicate this in your email. Only one parent should request support in this case.

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