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New: Presenting at CHI

CHI 2022 offers authors a number of ways to publish and present work, interact, discuss and learn, along with dedicated opportunities for students. Each type of submission and its deadlines are described on the pages linked which follow. However, if you are new to CHI, we would encourage you to first read the “New to CHI” section at the end of this page.

Your work was accepted? Congratulations! Check out these Resources for Presenters.

Submission Venues and Details

Submitting & Presenting

Interacting & Discussing



Submission Process

We use the new ACM master article template for all submissions.

All submissions are made through the Precision Conference System (PCS 2.0).

Template Download Links

  • Microsoft Word
  • LaTeX (Use sample-manuscript.tex inside the samples folder for submissions)
  • Overleaf: Select ACM Conference Proceedings “Master” Template

Are you new to CHI?

In the CHI conference, and hence the CHI conference proceedings, there are different types of submission with different deadlines. This can seem a little daunting so it’s worth knowing these three key things:

  1. Which type of submission are you aiming for? Links to prior CHI conference proceedings can help you better understand the nature of each submission type.
  2. CHI uses a selection process for each type of submission, with different levels of review, feedback, and opportunities for republication.
  3. Do you know the deadline for your submission type? Dates are listed on the page for each type of submission. All deadlines are in Anywhere on Earth (AoE) time zone. Check current AoE time here.
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