Presenting at CHI

Presenting at CHI

Congratulations! You’re presenting at CHI. The hybrid structure this year can be confusing, so this page is intended to be a one-stop shop on what presenting at CHI will be like. Most sessions at CHI are organized thematically, meaning that for each session some presenters will be remote and some will be in-person.

The first thing you should do is double check the date and time of your session in the SIGCHI Program App ( We suggest you place the day and time into your personal online calendar along with a reminder. CHI2022 happens in the Central U.S. Time Zone (GMT -7). If you need assistance converting time zones, please use or similar type website. If you have any questions or technical issues accessing your Live Q&A session, please contact the CHI Virtual Team at

Tech Set Up

There are three essential platforms to know:

  • SIGCHI Program App – this is the official schedule, and gets its information directly from PCS. All conference content will be available there. Download the mobile app, or
  • Hubb – this is the conference platform that has a page for each session. In your session page, the official Q&A will happen. The session chairs will use Hubb to source questions from the online audience, and it’s also a place where you can see other members of the conference no matter their mode.
  • Zoom – this is the common teleconferencing platform that we will use for your actual presentation. As a presenter, this is the most important system with which to be familiar.

Slide Templates

As with all things CHI, we require all decks and products to be accessible. You can check this page ( to help learn more how to do that.

You can also use the attached artwork if you want to brand your slides with CHI2022 or SIGCHI@40. Please check here for slide templates and branding: Leave sufficient space at the bottom of each slide to allow for automatic captioning to appear to viewers. Having minimal overlaps with words or images makes captions easier to read.

Paper presentations are 15 minutes total. Paper presentations are 9-11 minutes. Q&A will be 4-6 minutes, with the session chair either giving the microphone to a person in the room, or reading a question from Hubb.

Presenter Instructions for Livestream (remote + in-person)


  • Each livestream session should have the presenters and moderators present prior to the start.
  • Every Presenter must be registered for the CHI conference.

To Access Your Session (Remote Participation)

  • The only way to access the livestream session is utilizing the Zoom Link that the CHI Virtual Team will send out. This important email will be sent to you at least 4 days before your session.
  • The Q&A and chat for all livestream sessions is located in the virtual platform, Hubb. Session Chairs will need to login to the platform, navigate to the session from the program and have the session open to view questions and chat discussions from attendees.
  • The login for the Hubb virtual platform will be sent to you on or before April 20.

To Access Your Session (In-person Participation)

  • Please navigate to the meeting room at the Convention Center at least 15-minutes prior to the start of the session.
  • Have your presentation slides up and ready to connect to the cables at the podium.
  • There will be an in-room camera, and standard dongle connections. We suggest bringing your own dongle to ensure stable connectivity.

Day of Session Timeline
Check-in 15-minutes prior to the start of your session for last minute instructions and tech check. Once the livestream begins, there will not be an opportunity to do a tech audio/video check as the livestream will be in-progress.

  • 15 minutes – 0 minutes before session time
    • Livestream session room opens from a HUBB Tech Producer
    • Remote Presenters click into the “zoom hyperlink” that was sent out a few days before.
    • In-Person Presenters arrive at the meeting room.
    • Event tech producer will do a last-minute audio/visual check of presenters and review any last minute details.
  • At the session start time
    • Event tech will ask for anyone who is not presenting to turn the video off and to mute as they start the livestream.
    • If multiple presenters are going to speak at once (panel format) all presenters will turn on camera and unmute, including the moderator.
    • The session chair/moderator should start the session with an introduction.
    • To ensure the livestream is not interrupted, if you are not speaking, please mute yourself.
    • If you arrive late, the event tech will allow you in from the virtual waiting room to enter the livestream only when there is a break in the speaker presenting or when a video is being played.
  • During the session
    • Each presenter will present their slides and then take questions from the audience. We recommend live presentations. However, the presenter can also choose to have their video presentation played and then take questions from the audience. If a remote presenter is not able to answer questions live, they can do so asynchronously in Hubb’s chat box.
    • The session chair can view questions from attendees from the attendee side of Hubb and read them to the presenter.
  • 5 minutes before the end of the session
    • Event tech will give presenters a 5-minute warning

What the CHI attendees see on the platform

At the start of the livestream session the session chair -or- slide will review the chat and ‘submit a question’ features within the livestream page.

Chat Box – Attendees can chat with other attendees and possibly authors in the open dialogue chat box found to the right of the embedded livestream video. This is how they can submit questions!A speaker page in the Hubb platform. One arrow points at the video player. Another arrow indicates the question and answer interface.

A speaker page in the Hubb platform. One arrow points at the video player. Another arrow indicates the question and answer interface.

During the Livestreamed Q&A

  • The Session Chair will review all the questions submitted for each paper, and will ask the most relevant question verbally to the authors during the Live Q&A.
  • During your paper’s LIVE Q&A, we ask that you turn on your video to assist attendees that are lip-readers.

Session Chair Instructions

Sessions at CHI will be truly hybrid. Some presenters are on site, others are remote. The setup of a session relies on two virtual platforms:

  • The Zoom room that remote presenters will be invited to join. This Zoom room is connected to the physical room in the Convention Center. If you are chairing remotely you will also join that room. The link to that room will be sent to you in a separate email by April 26.
  • The Hubb ( conference platform where the session is livestreamed. This is also the place where remote attendees can ask questions through chat.
  • The session chair/moderator will need to login into HUBB and if remote the Zoom meeting. It will help if they have two screens open, so both pages can be up and visible.

Please check here for other resources such as slide templates and Zoom backgrounds:

We highly recommend reviewing all of your session’s abstracts and may need to receive these directly from the authors. This way you can be proactive with creating extra questions for authors, if the audience is slow to participate in the Q&A at first.

If a paper won a best paper or a honorable mention award, make sure you announce it before this paper’s presentation.

As a session chair, you will want to have a WI-FI enabled device available so that you can access the livestream of your session on the Hubb platform ( and questions and chat coming in (mute the embedded video to avoid audio feedback).

If you are remote, you may want a second device to participate in the Zoom meeting. Prior to your session, communicate with the presenters. Let the presenters warn the audience in case their presentation includes unsteady camera work or flashing strobe lights so they can look away. Instruct them to keep the video camera steady if they are remotely presenting over a video conferencing tool.

Presenting Your Poster

For in-person poster presentations (either for LBW, interactivity or other tracks), you will be sent a schedule when you are expected to be near your poster to present.

For all presenters, both online and in-person, there is a gallery in Hubb where the poster will appear. That Hubb space has a chat section, where online audience members can leave questions for you. Via Hubb, you can also send requests to meet with another attendee, which will be a good way to have one-to-one interactions around a poster.

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