Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

General Chairs

Cliff is looking directly into the camera with a blurred background

Cliff Lampe

University of Michigan

A headshot of Simone with loose hair, slightly smiling, wearing a bright pink shirt, and standing in front of tropical vegetation at her university.

Simone Barbosa



Technical Program Chairs

Ayman is looking at the camera from a side angle.

David A. Shamma

Toyota Research Institute

Caroline faces the camera with a slight smile. The background is blurred, but it actually is a gorgeous abbey.

Caroline Appert

Université Paris-Saclay


Equity, Justice, and Access Chairs

Katta is outside and looks quizzically into a camera. They have green hair and wear big glasses.

Katta Spiel

TU Wien

This image is a simple placeholder while we wait for the organizer to provide their own photo.

Christina Harrington

Carnegie Mellon University


Assistants to the General Chairs

Danilo Gasques looking at the camera and smiling against a faded background in front of UC San Diego's Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Danilo Gasques

UC San Diego

Ihudiya Finda Williams poses at a slight angle wearing a navy blue business jacket and dress. She is smiling, wearing small gold hoop earrings, and has her hair in a high ponytail. The image is cropped at Ihudiya Finda's shoulders, only showing her shoulders and face.

Ihudiya Finda Williams

University of Michigan

Monica is looking at the camera and is wearing a black polo neck. Monica has a wide smile and the background of this professional photograph is grey.

Monica Pereira

Brunel University London


Assistants to the Technical Program Chairs

A photo of Dominic DiFranzo (he/him). He is smiling at the camera and wearing a blue blazer and a button up shirt.

Dominic DiFranzo

Lehigh University

Photo of Hugo Romat who is Assistant to TPC at CHI 2022. Hugo is looking away from the camera and wearing a smile.

Hugo Romat



Assistants to the Equity, Justice, and Access Chairs

The picture is a headshot of Anupriya Tuli from IIIT-Delhi, India, serving as an assistant to Equity and Justice Chairs, CHI 2022. She is a South Asian female with black eyes and waist-long black curly hair tied into a (left) side ponytail. She is wearing pearl studs and a navy blue printed dress with tiny red and green flowers. She is sitting on light grey stairs (filling the background) with a big friendly smile and dimples on both her cheeks.

Anupriya Tuli

IIIT Delhi, India

Cayley MacArthur, a white woman with short, cropped brown hair, smiles into the camera.

Cayley MacArthur

University of Waterloo, Canada


Papers Chairs

Steven M. Drucker, Paper's Committee Co-chair for CHI2022 is pictured here smiling, wearing a blue shirt against a white background. He has dark hair and blue eyes.

Steven Drucker

Microsoft Research

Julie is a hispanic female with black hair and medium skin. She faces the camera with a big smile.

Julie Williamson

University of Glasgow

Koji Yatani stands in front of windows in the lab building, and is looking forward to working for CHI 2022.

Koji Yatani

University of Tokyo


Assistants to the Papers Chairs

Nikita is a white man with short light hair and green eyes. In the picture he is looking at the camera, wearing glasses and a dark purple sweater under a navy blue jacket. The background is gray.

Nikita Samarin

University of California, Berkeley

Zhongyi Zhou is wearing a black shirt and looking at the camera. Zhongyi Zhou is an assistant to Paper Chairs.

Zhongyi Zhou

University of Tokyo


Interactivity Chairs

David Lindlbauer is a white male with brown hair and a short beard. He wears a black shirt and looks straight into the camera.

David Lindlbauer


Heloisa wears red frame glasses and faces the camera with a smile. The background is blurred.

Heloisa Candello


In the photo, Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy (a south asian female with long black hair, brown skin & dark eyes) is wearing a navy v-neck blouse and a simple black chord holding a medium-sized blown glass pendant in the colours of the sea. She is in front of a light background. She is facing the camera with, what she hopes is, a big friendly smile.

Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy


Pedro in front of a row of ceiling lights.

Pedro Lopes

University of Chicago


Case Studies Chairs

A photo of Frank Bentley on a purple background.

Frank Bentley


A photo of Catherine Letondal from ENAC (French Civil Aviation University), in Toulouse, France. Catherine Letondal is serving as Case Studies Chair for CHI 2022. In the photo, Catherine Letondal is smiling while listening to some friends.

Catherine Letondal

Ecole Nationale Aviation Civile

Anicia is wearing a red and black scarf and is smiling into the camera at a side angle.

Anicia Peters

University of Namibia


Panels Chairs

Kathryn is a white woman with brown hair, wearing a purple plaid flannel shirt, smiling at the camera with trees in the background.

Kathryn Ringland

University of California

A professional head shot of Norman Makoto Su, an Asian American man with black hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a grey blazer, looking at the camera from a side angle, and is smiling.

Norman Makoto Su

University of California, Santa Cruz

A professional headshot photo of Oliver Haimson, a white man with glasses, wearing a blazer and standing in front of a brick wall.

Oliver Haimson

University of Michigan


Courses Chairs

Photo of Nicolai Marquardt who is Co-Chair for Courses at CHI 2022. Nicolai is wearing glasses and is smiling at the camera. The photo is black & white.

Nicolai Marquardt

University College London

Photo of Eunice Sari who is Co-Chair for Courses at CHI 2022. Eunice is an Asian female person with brownish-black hair and is tied back in a low pony and is smiling while looking at the camera at an angle.

Eunice Sari

UX Indonesia


Late-Breaking Work Chairs

A photo of Louise smiling at the camera with a blurred background.

Louise Barkhuus

IT University of Copenhagen

Shaimaa Lazem smiling and sitting in front of an open wooden window in Gayer-Anderson museum located in old Cairo, Egypt.

Shaimaa Lazem

City for Scientific Research and
Technological Applications

Simon Perrault is wearing glasses and a white shirt and is looking at the camera.

Simon Perrault

Singapore University of Technology
and Design

A headshot of Kashyap smiling while sitting in front of a grey background

Kashyap Todi

Facebook Reality Labs


Workshops Chairs

Pablo Cesar is a hispanic male, with brown eyes and medium skin. He is in a roof terrace, with crossed arms, and smiling.

Pablo Cesar


Human with brown curly hair, light skin, navy blue suit, gold necklace, sitting in front of a turquoise and gold background.

Stephanie Jordan

Michigan State University

Makayla is facing the camera at a side angle. The photo is black and white.

Makayla Lewis

Kingston University London

Sameer Patil looking at the camera and smiling against a faded background of walls in an office space.

Sameer Patil

University of Utah


alt.chi Chairs

Cynthia poses in front of a wall with large, green dots, smiling and wearing a white blouse.

Cynthia Bennett


It is a side faced photo of me wearing a handmade cap (I made it!) and the photo was taken by my daughter Arisha.

Nova Ahmed

North South University

A head shot of Maryam Mustafa smiling, standing in front of a light background, wearing a dark blue shirt and a light blue patterned head scarf.

Maryam Mustafa

Lahore University of Management Sciences


Student Design Competition Chairs

The photo shows shoulder up portrait of Anusha Withana, a man with short hair brown eyes dressed in white shirt.

Anusha Withana

The University of Sydney

A headshot of Patricia smiling, carrying a camera, and wearing a grey t-shirt and sunglass.

Pei-Yi (Patricia) Kuo

National Tsing Hua University


Student Game Competition Chairs

Head shot of Z Toups. They have purple hair and are wearing blue glasses, a circular necklace made out of a power button, a black blouse, and headphones.

Z Toups

New Mexico State University

Head shot of Jakob Karolus smiling into the camera against a white background. (Picture authors: Josef Schmid / Christan Regal)

Jakob Karolus

LMU Munich

Head shot of Vicky McArthur. She has long red hair with bangs. She is sitting in a brown chair holding a virtual reality headset. She is wearing a black and burgundy short sleeved dress. She is looking directly at the camera and smiling.

Vicky McArthur

Carleton University


Student Research Competition Chairs

The photo contains a smiling image of Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones

Berea College

Can Liu smiling towards the camera with the background of water on a beach in front of a green hill.

Can Liu

City University of Hong Kong


Special Interest Groups Chairs

Headshot of Jorge Goncalves smiling with a white background.

Jorge Goncalves

University of Melbourne, Australia

A headshot of Dakuo Wang, smiling and wearing a pair of glasses black frame. The background is white.

Dakuo Wang



Doctoral Consortium Chairs

In this headshot, Sheena Erete, a Black woman with brown skin, long black hair, brown eyes, is smiling. She wearing a neon green button down shirt and blue suit jacket.

Sheena Erete

DePaul University

Rita Orji, an African female with short dark curly hair, brown skin, and dark eyes, is wearing a round neck long sleeve shirt with a black jacket. She is in front of a grey background, facing the camera and smiling.

Rita Orji

Dalhousie University

Raimund is a white European man with blue eyes, medium blonde, partly grey hair wearing a red polo shirt. He is directly looking into the camera and smiling kindly.

Raimund Dachselt

Technische Universität Dresden

Melissa Densmore is a Chinese-American woman with black hair and brown eyes. She has short layered hair (back then) and is wearing black suit with a collared blouse.

Melissa Densmore

University of Cape Town

Julie is a white woman with medium-length brown hair and brown eyes. In this photo, she is smiling and wearing a denim jacket while standing outdoors in front of a green plant with her arms crossed.

Julie Kientz

University of Washington

Eva wears red glasses and silvery earrings (some sort of snail or shell), has short brown hair, wears a black top and a bit from a white woven necklace is showing; her face is looking toward the side, just off the camera and she's smiling (not much, it looks more like she is amused watching something in the distance)

Eva Hornecker

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

A photo of Nathalie Riche.

Nathalie Henry Riche

Microsoft Research

Photo of Casey Fiesler

Casey Fiesler

University of Colorado Boulder

A photo of Jude Yew.

Jude Yew


Photo of Max Van Kleek

Max Van Kleek

University of Oxford


Best Paper Committee & Awards Chairs

This is a portrait photo of Fanny Chevalier, who serves as Best Paper Committee Chair and Awards Chair.

Fanny Chevalier

University of Toronto

This is a portrait photo of Carrie Cai, who serves as Best Paper Committee Chair and Awards Chair.

Carrie Cai



Data Chairs

Emmanuel faces the camera with a slight smile. The background is blurred, but it actually is a gorgeous abbey.

Emmanuel Pietriga


A headshot of Paula smiling. The background is a blurred city landscape.

Paula Lago

Concordia University

Vanessa is a Latin American woman with black hair and brown eyes. In the picture she is looking at the camera, smiling, wearing a pink shirt, having short hair and round glasses. The background is white.

Vanessa Peña-Araya



Publications Team

Publications Chair

A photo of Sven Mayer.

Sven Mayer

LMU Munich


Proceedings Chairs

A frontal head shot of Thomas Kosch wearing an eye tracker.

Thomas Kosch

TU Darmstadt

Raphael is a white man with brown hair, a short-trimmed full beard and glasses. He smiles slightly into the camera and wishes you a happy day.

Raphael Wimmer

University of Regensburg


Templates Chair

The photo shows Diego Muñoz looking directly at the camera smiling, plants and flowers in the background, and Diego wearing a grey shirt.

Diego Muñoz

Swinburne University of Technology


TAPS Chair

A frontal head shot of Alexander Mirnig.

Alexander Mirnig

University of Salzburg


E-Rights Chair

Anhong Guo is an Asian man with short black hair, wearing a pair of glasses and a light blue shirt, smiling at the camera, with writing and drawing on a glass wall in the background.

Anhong Guo

University of Michigan


Journals Chair

A photograph of Rob Comber, the Journal Chair for CHI2022. Rob is a white male, with brown hair and beard. He is wearing dark rimmed glasses and smiling.

Rob Comber



Video Preview Chairs

A portrait headshot of Cristina Zaga, Video Preview Chair. Cristina is facing the camera directly, standing on a blue background. She has long brown hair on the side, brown eyes, and a moderate smile. She wears a light blue blouse.

Cristina Zaga

University of Twente, Design Lab

Yi-Chi is wearing a big smile and looking next to the camera.

Yi-Chi Liao

Aalto University


Student Volunteer Chairs

Bingjie Yu is in front of green-leaf plants indoor. She wears glasses with black frame and smiles at the camera.

Bingjie Yu


Ciabhan Connelly is looking into the camera and smiling. He is in front of a plain background.

Ciabhan Connely

Georgia Tech

Julia is a white woman with strawberry blonde hair just past her shoulders and blue eyes. In the photo she is staring at the camera smiling and she is wearing a blue, white, and black dress with a blurred background.

Julia Dunbar

University of Washington


Media Chairs

A headshot of Pranjal Jain. The background is white.

Pranjal Jain

theUXWhale, India

Emeline Brulé, Communication chair, wearing a bowtie

Emeline Brulé

University of Sussex

A headshot of Simone Kriglstein and she is smiling. The background is white.

Simone Kriglstein

University of Vienna & AIT Austrian
Institute of Technology GmbH


Web Chairs

The photograph is an old selfie of John wearing an orange shirt. The background contains two doors and his head blocks a poster of a space shuttle launch.

John Wenskovitch

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Photo of TJ Monserrat.

Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat

University of the Philippines Los Banos


Graphic Design Chair

Jie Li is an Asian female with long black hair. She is under a cherry blossom tree and smiling. Design Chair

Jie Li



Accessibility Chairs

A photo of Dhruv Jain, Accessibility Chair, smiling at the camera

Dhruv Jain

University of Washington

Garreth poses in front of a dark background, smiling and wearing a dark blue shirt.

Garreth Tigwell

Rochester Institute of Technology

A headshot of Zainab AlMeraj wearing a grey head scarf and a black top with a gold necklace and smiling to the camera.

Zainab AlMeraj

Kuwait University

Kotaro is looking directly at the camera with glasses and a white wall background

Kotaro Hara

Singapore Management University

A picture of Venkatesh taken on a white background. He is wearing an orange shirt with blue and white stripes and smiling at the camera.

Venkatesh Potluri

University of Washington


CHI Family Chairs

The photograph is a photo of Pamela Gibbs looking directly at the camera smiling with black glasses, flowers in the background, and wearing a black dress with a gold pin.

Pamela Gibbs

University of Baltimore / Walmart

photograph showing head and shoulders of a lady with reddish brown hair, pale skin and a stripy jacket

Annika Wolff

LUT University


Social Justice Event Chairs

Minha is looking at the camera at a side angle. She has black-brown hair, is wearing glasses, and is smiling.

Minha Lee

Eindhoven University of Technology

This image is a simple placeholder while we wait for the organizer to provide their own photo.

Patrick Gage Kelley


Rua Williams, a white person with brown, asymmetrical hair and glasses, looks sternly at the camera.

Rua Williams

Purdue University

Gopinaath Kannabiran wearing a blue hoodie.

Gopinaath Kannabiran

IT University of Copenhagen


Allyship Chairs

The photograph is a professional photograph of Siobahn Day Grady looking directly at the camera from a side angle. Siobahn has brown hair and is wearing a smile on a grey background.

Siobahn Day Grady

North Carolina Central University

A photo of Rina R. Wehbe (she/her) from University of Waterloo, Canada. Rina Wehbe is serving as Ally Chair for CHI 2022. In the photo, Rina Wehbe is leaning on a couch with a knit blanket, wearing a knit grey sweater. She is smiling at the camera. She has lightly tanned olive skin, brown eyes, short curly black-brown hair.

Rina Wehbe

University of Waterloo

This image is a simple placeholder while we wait for the organizer to provide their own photo.

Cale Passmore

University of Saskatchewan

Portrait photo of Christine Bauer, Allyship Chair CHI 2022.

Christine Bauer

Utrecht University


Global Inclusion and Equity Chairs

Annu Sible Prabhakar

University of Cincinnati

A headshot of Cuauhtémoc Rivera-Loaiza, smiling. The background is of coastal town.

Cuauhtémoc Rivera Loaiza

Universidad Michoacana de
San Nicolás de Hidalgo

A person wearing light glasses

Eiad Yafi

University of Technology Sydney & Institute of Business, Timor-Leste

Susan is looking at the camera, smiling, and is wearing a black t-shirt with a blue rectangle, from a previous CHI. Her head is tilted, and she is leaning on her hand, wearing headphones (on a Zoom call.) Susan has short brown hair, blue eyes, and large purple glasses. The background is her den, with books and many souvenirs of her travels.

Susan Dray

Dray & Associates

Photo of Marisol Wong-Villacres

Marisol Wong-Villacres

Georgia Tech


Sustainability Chairs

Parisa is a woman with dark short curly hair and in this photo she wears a white scarf and a smile.

Parisa Eslambolchilar

University of Cardiff

Kristin Williams, the Sustainability co-chair, is shown smiling and standing in front of a centuries old tree in India.

Kristin Williams


Headshot picture of Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, member of the sustainability chair committee.

Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar

MIT Media Lab

Jason Jacques, looking directly towards the camera.

Jason Jacques

University of Cambridge


Local Arrangements Chairs

Shercole K Local Arrangements

Shercole K.


Jaelle Scheuerman - Local Arrangements

Jaelle Scheuerman

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

New Orleans skyline and trolley sketch